The funny secret to success

Do you want to be seen as more enjoyable to be around? Want to be more successful?

Of course you do. So read on. Because I’m going to reveal an EASY SECRET that just may rocket you all the way to the corner office… or whatever your vision of success may be.

Ready for the secret?

<drum roll>

Be funny!

This is according to psychologist Steven Sultanoff, PhD, former president of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. He’s quoted in a Forbes article about humor and success.

All you have to do is make jokes, provide comic relief and otherwise use humor as you ascend to the top of the org chart.

Does this humor-to-success secret really work?


My sense of humor helped me claw my way to the top of my business’s org chart. What’s more, humor is key to me doing all the middle and lower jobs, too.

I, for example, am at the top of my org chart!

Never you mind that I also cover the middle and bottom reaches of my org chart.

Further, I can honestly say that all my coworkers laugh at my jokes. 🙂

So why not be more enjoyable and successful? You DO want that corner office, don’t you?

Thought so.

Go ahead then. Use a bit of humor at work.

Look at what it’s done for me.

What about YOU? Do you use humor at work, home or elsewhere? What are your thoughts? I want to hear what you have to say. Please leave a comment!

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10 Responses to The funny secret to success

  1. amyskennedy says:

    Wow. I do use humor…and then, even though people laugh, I wonder if I should have. Ha! Not really. I used to tell my co-workers I was on a certain committee for comic relief…and then I got a pretty big promotion. Hmmm. Cool!

    • Marie Overfors says:

      Amy, that’s great to hear! So many workplaces seem desert-dry when it comes to humor. A sprinkling of comic relief is so darn welcome!

  2. Dan says:

    Hey Marie – great blog. Gives me hope..

  3. The Desert Rocks says:

    Very cute Marie! You’ll have to stop by and read my 11th Commandment!

  4. Robert Miller says:

    Many years ago in the Washington office of a major PR firm, an ambitious second-tier executive convinced management that we could expand beyond the sweaty, dumb business of publicity and promotion into the presumably higher-paid calling of management consulting. To sell this service this person produced a brochure that offered a vague program of information gathering, analysis, and planning, in opaque, pretentious polysyllables printed on heavy coated paper. Dismayed, some of us account execs drafted a similar brochure for our own proposed new service, the [name of firm] Small Appliance Repair Group. We offered a wide-ranging program that would quantify and evaluate the performance (or non-performance) of the client’s appliance, carry out comparative studies of other functioning devices, arrange surveys and focus groups and produce a comprehensive assessment and presentation. In a note at the end we mentioned that we did not actually repair appliances, but if the client still wanted his/her toaster fixed we would have someone run it across town to the repair shop for a nominal added fee. While our new service never became a reality and our brochure had limited circulation, the Small Appliance Repair Group was a great success in that the management consulting program, and shortly thereafter the person who had proposed it, both quietly disappeared.

    • Marie Overfors says:

      That’s a funny story, Robert! And it reminds me of when I worked in the New York office of a major PR firm. By the way, I do have this toaster….

  5. Teelah says:

    So life is that simple!? This is great news. I come from a work environment that has constant humor. I love that it could bring us success, this makes me want to keep the humor a live here. Thanks for the tip 🙂

    • Marie Overfors says:

      Humor is great. You’re lucky to come from a workplace with so much humor. It must be fun to work there!

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