3 easy steps to creative superpowers

Want more creative and problem-solving power?

How about getting these powers with VERY LITTLE EFFORT on your part?

Better still, how would you like them for FREE?

And even better, how would you like these tips to be from a TOP creativity coach?

Thought so. Please read on!

The creativity coach’s secret

Here’s the key: Go to sleep… and let your subconscious mind help you!

You can tap your creative superpowers when you sleep! But you’ll need to get your own cape.

See, your brain is ready and willing to help you at night. After all, your brain works, thinks, processes and dreams 24/7.  (At least, I hope it does!)

3 easy steps

Take these three steps to connect with your subconscious… and to tap your creative superpowers:

  1. Go to bed with a WONDER instead of a worry. That’s right. Wonder about your creativity challenge. If you’re writing fiction, wonder what your characters will do next. If you’re in business, gently wonder about a business challenge. Just DON’T go to bed with a worry. Worry equals fear and that’s a creativity stealer. Fear is terrible for sleeping, too.
  2. Give yourself permission to wonder as you sleep. For example, if you write fiction you might say to yourself,  Hey gorgeous. I am giving you permission to wonder whether Xavier and Martha will hand over the suspicious briefcase to the authorities. Or, if you’re a scientist, you might try: Hello subconscious. I really like you! I give you permission to wonder about how I can invent time travel. Does this sound hokey? Absolutely. But try it.
  3. Start writing first thing in the morning. Drag yourself VERY FIRST THING to your computer or notebook and get writing about your ideas. Just write and write and write without editing, and without concern over punctuation and spelling. It’s important to capture those creative ideas you came up with while sleeping. Catch them right away, lest they vanish, never to return.

Eric Maisel, a top creativity coach and author of more than 35 books, offered these tips at fiction writers workshop I attended. I put my own “stamp” on these tips, and expanded them beyond the realm of simply writing.

I wish you a “wonder-ful” night’s sleep. What do you think about this? I love comments!

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5 Responses to 3 easy steps to creative superpowers

  1. mimijk says:

    I have kept a pad on my nightstand for years – I used to do it because thoughts came to me about work…I’ve gotten out of the habit now that I’m consulting. I have to start doing this again – great ideas!!

  2. Genie says:

    I love the wonder vs. worry situation. Great idea to keep a notepad by the bed, I used to do that. I don’t know why I stopped.

  3. legionwriter says:

    I do seem to be more creative in the early morning or late at night. Sleep deprivation must suit me. But the late night writes are sometimes difficult to discern while fully awake.
    Nice blog!

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