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marie capellaI’m Marie Overfors, a writer + PR expert.

I LOVE working with business leaders and marketers who want:

  1. Publicity–and the credibility, prestige and marketing oomph it delivers.  (I’ve scored stories in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and tons of other media outlets.)

  2. Marketing strategies and writing that entertain, inspire and compel action.

I’m on the 2013-2014 board of Minnesota Women in Marketing and Communications, where I serve as Chair of Women’s Initiatives. This is the only professional organization I know that feels so wonderfully warm, friendly and supportive. (Happy sigh.)

I am also a hot yoga addict + nature girl + omnivert.

And I am inviting YOU, right here, right now, to sign up for my free writing and PR tips, humor, advice and FUN.

Curious about my story, including the key lessons I learned while I did PR in New York City?

Read on…

How I got my start in PR

I got my start in public relations in the New York City headquarters of the world’s top PR firm.

I actually had to FIGHT for that job. Not physically. But I had to PROVE that I could do the work.

See, I’d left my home in Minnesota to seek my fortune in New York City. I had $1,700 dollars in my pocket and a suitcase in each hand. Money doesn’t last long in New York, so I headed out to look for work.

I snagged a job as an assistant at a major book publisher. My entry-level publishing job paid me just enough to survive.

I was so poor that I didn’t have a telephone for months. This was tough, because half of the people I worked with lived off their trust funds and didn’t need their jobs for money like I did. (Fortunately, however, I could make free long-distance calls from the office to my parents.)

I left that job to work as temporary assistant in at the big PR firm, where the money was better.

After a few days on assignment, I knew I could write better than some of their PR hotshots.

So when a job opened up at the firm, I applied for it.

Matt, the boss, was skeptical of my abilities, experience and credentials.

I hadn’t gone to Harvard or other top school. I hadn’t worked as a journalist. And I had ZERO writing samples to my name.

To Matt, I was a mere temp assistant who’d graduated from a far-away state university he’d never heard of, but which was in Minnesota, which he knew was a state and which he might have flown over on the way to California.

But I wanted and needed the job, dang it!

Frankly, I was sick and tired of temping. I didn’t want to be an assistant. I wanted to be an ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE.

I left my interview with Matt knowing I had to prove my worth.

I bought a cheap electric typewriter (yes, it was that long ago!) and got to work.

I spent all weekend working on a position paper. I was hell-bent on demonstrating that I could research, analyze and write.

On Monday, I handed Matt the paper I wrote.

I got the job. I was–at last–an account executive!

And Matt gave me $5,000 more per year than I asked for.

PR lessons I learned in New York

I learned many important lessons under the tutelage of Matt and other PR experts. These lessons included:

  • How to get some clients into the press.
  • How to keep some clients out of the press.
  • Why you should never order scallops at a dark, smoky, cave-like bar where patrons typically drink their lunch.

Howard, another mentor who smoked pipes that smelled like the most disgusting cigars on the planet, warned me not to start too many sentences with the word “I.” (Howard, if you’re reading this, is this too many?)

I also learned this: I adored my bosses, colleagues, clients and job. I still do!

Fast forward to today

As much as I loved my bosses, colleagues, clients and job in New York, I missed my friends and family back home.

I transferred to the agency’s Minnesota office, where I led publicity teams for blue-chip and homegrown clients, generating thousands of news stories in print, television and radio.

Later, I took a PR post at a Fortune 100 technology company, where I directed consumer and trade public relations.

As much as I loved my job at the technology company, after five years I decided to strike out on my own. I wanted to serve my own PR clients–and give them top-notch PR results.

Besides, I had a preschooler and a baby, and I yearned for greater flexibility and control over my life.

Zip forward to now.

My kids are teens.

I still LOVE my job: working with business leaders and marketers who crave publicity and who need writing that entertains, inspires and compels action.

Now you know my career story. 🙂

Want to work with me?

Interested in working with me? Fantastic! I love to see my private clients get great business results.

Hop on over now to Work with Marie and get the ball rolling!

I look forward to working with YOU.

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