8 secrets about Marie

Girl's Night in a backyard igloo. (I'm the one in the front.)

Girls’ Night in a backyard igloo. (I’m the one in the front.)

ONE: I enjoy “girls’ nights.” What’s more fun and flat-out soul-nourishing than eating goodies, sipping drinks and opening up with dear friends?

TWO: Well… I do love hanging out with my family. I have two kids and five brothers (at least one of whom looks like Chuck Norris), a mom who I a-d-o-r-e, and a hunky boyfriend.

THREE: I seriously love spending time in the woods, whether that’s hiking, taking pictures, identifying animal tracks, listening to wolves howl, or cutting and stacking wood.

Lichen, as photographed by yours truly, a Nature Geek.

Lichen, as photographed by yours truly, a Nature Geek.

FOUR: In contrast with my nature girl side, I also have a strong extrovert side: I LOVE meeting new people and even <gack> NETWORKING! Surely, this makes me an omnivert, which is a blend of introvert and extrovert.

FIVE: And I am a certified “hottie,” which is yoga-ese for people like me who are addicted to hot yoga classes. To think I used to HATE hot yoga!

SIX: I’m a longtime member of the Public Relations Society of America, a new (and enthusiastic!) member of Minnesota Women in Marketing & Communications, and past president of the Midwest Fiction Writers, where people specialize in concocting stories to entertain readers.

SEVEN: My favorite newspaper: The Wall Street Journal. I devour it six days a week. (It doesn’t come out on Sundays, which gives my digestive system a much-needed rest. ;))

EIGHT: Finally, here’s what I’m proud of: Grabbing a shovel and digging up a big patch of backyard to plant my vegetable garden. It’s such a great way to get “grounded” with the earth. And what’s better than feasting on homegrown tomatoes, beans, peas, beets, corn, basil, and strawberries?

Whew. That was A LOT of talking about me!

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