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The leadership secret you must cultivate

Want to be a more effective leader? Want to be more successful? Thought so! So I’ve got to let you in on this: Being smart is over-rated. So is being perfect. Because there’s something much better than being smart or … Continue reading

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Are you an expert? Know the 7 factors influencing your status

Today’s topic is… YOU. This post will show you: Whether you are an expert 7 factors that influence your expert status. The first thing to know is many experts don’t realize they are experts. And if they do, they do … Continue reading

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Are you ready for massive growth?

Do you run a business? Are you an author or consultant?  Do you market and sell products or services? Then I have to tell you about B-School from Marie Forleo, who is not only a marketing genius, she’s fun, inspiring … Continue reading

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Spy on this: Love letter to Publicity

Found this letter on sidewalk next to the mailbox. Somebody is clearly smitten with Publicity. Read on to see for yourself. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ My Dearest Publicity, I worked hard to woo and win you. I honestly didn’t know if you’d even … Continue reading

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Dazzle your readers with these action stars

Are you giving b-o-r-i-n-g, passive verbs a starring role in your copy? You know the type: is, was, has been, to be, being, been, has, was, are, were and their fellow slackers. Don’t make this mistake! Nobody wants to watch … Continue reading

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Work@home: proven + extreme productivity tips

Working from home can be just as productive as working in an office, according to a recent article in the New York Times. Or, alas, as nonproductive as working in an office. To squeeze the most out of your work-at-home … Continue reading

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Want publicity? Don’t forget this!

Are you interested in getting more publicity for your business or clients? Then don’t forget the secret ingredient that’s essential to making your story idea irresistible to journalists. Once you land an interview, this same secret ingredient can infuse your … Continue reading

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Publicity tip: Use the OMG! Factor

If you’d like to get more PR glory for your business, then consider the OMG! Factor. That’s right. The Oh My God! Factor. Here’s what I mean: What about your business provokes such a powerful reaction that people exclaim OMG! … Continue reading

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7 ways to make your copy easier to read… and RAKE in results

Ever thought about making your blog posts, emails, letters, websites, and other materials easier to read? Why easier-to-read copy makes business sense Executives are renowned for insisting on brevity and clarity. Brain surgeons and rocket scientists prefer reading that’s below … Continue reading

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