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Posture: Don’t make this mistake!

Do you pooh-pooh posture? I hope not. Your posture is incredibly important.

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2 Steps to a New YOU (by Monday)!

Hey, it’s Friday. You’ve probably got a couple of days off from work. That’s good. Because even if you love your job, your work week imposes a bit of wear and tear on you.

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4 Tips to Fight Fatigue If You Use a Stand-Up Desk

Do you use a stand-up desk? If so, good for you! Stand-up desks are a great alternative to sitting all day. Using a stand-up desk can help you burn more calories, tone more muscles and give you more energy. I … Continue reading

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A message from Boromir about Nordic walking

Hey, this post is especially for my Nordic walking friends on LinkedIn. I started the first Nordic Walking group there in 2009. Today the group has 244 members from ALL around the globe. 🙂  Nordic walkers, you rock! By the … Continue reading

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Hot yoga: From hating it to loving it

The first time I did hot yoga I absolutely HATED it. I swore that I’d never take another hot yoga class. What’s more, I thought the people who liked hot yoga must be insane. See, I was used to vinyasa … Continue reading

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Sleep better with this easy tip

Do you have trouble falling asleep? Do you have trouble getting back to sleep after waking in the middle of the night? If so, try this easy “belly breathing” sequence, which stimulates the relaxation response.  It works great for me … Continue reading

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Famous People Who Use(d) Stand-Up Desks

While doing my usual degree of exhaustive internet research for my blog posts, I came across this: Famous People Who Use Standing Desks Some of these include: Benjamin Franklin Donald Rumsfeld Ernest Hemingway Leonardo da Vinci Thomas Jefferson Vladimir Nabokov … Continue reading

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How I got my stand-up desk and more energy(!) for $8.01

I sooo wanted a stand-up desk. You’ve heard, haven’t you, that sitting too much is bad-bad-bad for you. Working at my sit-down desk began to feel like a punishment. My chair became the enemy. Together, my desk and chair plotted … Continue reading

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Too busy to exercise? Then check this out!

Ever feel that you just don’t have time to exercise? Or maybe even that exercising is self-serving or <gasp> even a guilty pleasure? I mean, if you’ve got a job with all of its demands, your own business, kids to … Continue reading

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What’s your Stress-O-Meter telling you?

Did you know that stress can be good for you? The right amount of stress can present a challenge, and help you clear hurdles–physical or otherwise–in your life. That can leave you feeling jazzed and invigorated. But excess stress can … Continue reading

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