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3 Tips to Amp Up Your Professional Power NOW

Want to be more powerful and effective at work? Of course you do! Read on, then, because I’m going to show you how. It all starts with… … My Tennis Story I was playing tennis the other night, and I … Continue reading

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Get your happiness goodie here

Hey you! I was sitting here wondering what can I write about today that could give you massive value? Because what I want to do with my blog is to entertain, inform and inspire YOU.

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Your posture, walking, mood and YOU

What influence does your posture and the way you walk have on your mood? Check out my FIRST ever videoblog… and decide for yourself.

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Hot yoga: From hating it to loving it

The first time I did hot yoga I absolutely HATED it. I swore that I’d never take another hot yoga class. What’s more, I thought the people who liked hot yoga must be insane. See, I was used to vinyasa … Continue reading

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What’s your Stress-O-Meter telling you?

Did you know that stress can be good for you? The right amount of stress can present a challenge, and help you clear hurdles–physical or otherwise–in your life. That can leave you feeling jazzed and invigorated. But excess stress can … Continue reading

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Stressed? Push Your Pleasure-Getaway Button

Article first published as Stressed? Push Your Pleasure-getaway Button on Technorati. Your boss is driving you crazy. The kids are acting up. The dog is whining. The house is a disaster. Your mind whirls, your heart races, your muscles tighten. … Continue reading

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4 Secrets to a Juicier, Hotter, Feeling-Better You

Hey, female friends. Come a little closer. I want to tell you four great secrets to help give you a bit of extra zing!, energy and fun to your day. Before we dig into those juicy secrets, let me set … Continue reading

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