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Introducing Super Underpants!

Bothered by bulges? Flabbergasted by fat?  No prob! Just tug on these multi-purposing panties—and skip your coffee It started so innocently. I was flipping through O, The Oprah Magazine. An ad caught my eye. As I read it, I kept … Continue reading

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Is your guy a caveman?

Hello female friends! It’s a simple fact that while we females have evolved since the caveman days, many men have not. This is by no means an insult to all the cavemen out there. So proud of their clubs and … Continue reading

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Hmpf! I never heard back from Dave Barry!

Well, my fellow humor appreciators, this may come as a surprise or even, yes, a SHOCK: I never heard back from Dave Barry, the Pulitzer Prize winning columnist and author, who PURPORTEDLY has a sense of humor. If he does … Continue reading

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Men: Boost your romantic prowess with this easy tip

Study: She’ll see you as sexier. And be more likely to give you her phone number. Guys, want in on an easy and powerful tip for wooing women? One that works so well that it’s almost unfair? Flowers. Yup. Flowers. … Continue reading

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Murky, stodgy or ho-hum? The big problems with bad writing

Would you throw good money in the trash? Purposely waste your time or that of other people? Would you intentionally bore, confuse or irritate a customer, business prospect or employee? Or send them packing as soon as they showed up … Continue reading

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4 Secrets to a Juicier, Hotter, Feeling-Better You

Hey, female friends. Come a little closer. I want to tell you four great secrets to help give you a bit of extra zing!, energy and fun to your day. Before we dig into those juicy secrets, let me set … Continue reading

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Hey female friends: Check this out!

Hey, female friends. Have you ever been irked by the man of interest in your life? Well, here’s a dose of feminine support from yours truly. After all, we girls have got to stick together.

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