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4 Tips to Fight Fatigue If You Use a Stand-Up Desk

Do you use a stand-up desk? If so, good for you! Stand-up desks are a great alternative to sitting all day. Using a stand-up desk can help you burn more calories, tone more muscles and give you more energy. I … Continue reading

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Hot yoga: From hating it to loving it

The first time I did hot yoga I absolutely HATED it. I swore that I’d never take another hot yoga class. What’s more, I thought the people who liked hot yoga must be insane. See, I was used to vinyasa … Continue reading

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Cool, calm and collected?

What’s under my cool, calm, collected exterior? You might not want to know! Anyhoo, I wrote a little piece about the first time I took an intermediate yoga class. I was most definitely NOT calm on the inside… at least … Continue reading

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5 signs you’re in for a challenging yoga class

Let’s say you are taking a new yoga class. Is it going to be challenging or easy? You might not be able to tell from the class description. Walk in and unfurl your mat. Look around. Here are five signs … Continue reading

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