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Dazzle your readers with these action stars

Are you giving b-o-r-i-n-g, passive verbs a starring role in your copy? You know the type: is, was, has been, to be, being, been, has, was, are, were and their fellow slackers. Don’t make this mistake! Nobody wants to watch … Continue reading

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The Hobbit, Publicity and YOU

Great news for you! Three of the biggest names in show business are ready to help you haul in some FREE publicity. If you’re interested, that is. I’m talking Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, and Gollum. IF you don’t know who I’m … Continue reading

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Publicity tip: Use the OMG! Factor

If you’d like to get more PR glory for your business, then consider the OMG! Factor. That’s right. The Oh My God! Factor. Here’s what I mean: What about your business provokes such a powerful reaction that people exclaim OMG! … Continue reading

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7 ways to make your copy easier to read… and RAKE in results

Ever thought about making your blog posts, emails, letters, websites, and other materials easier to read? Why easier-to-read copy makes business sense Executives are renowned for insisting on brevity and clarity. Brain surgeons and rocket scientists prefer reading that’s below … Continue reading

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Publicity tip: 3 ways to start a relationship with a sought-after reporter

Interested in getting more visibility in the media? Let’s say you’ve got a great idea for a news or feature story. You are confident that your story idea is interesting, important and timely. You’ve identified the right reporter, and checked … Continue reading

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The scary thing about 75% of your coworkers

It’s nearly Halloween. Want to be scared? Here’s a frightening fact about your business. Seventy-five percent of the people in your organization don’t believe they are living up to their creative potential. Okay. I’ll fess up. This may not describe … Continue reading

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Score FREE publicity with this insider’s tip

Hey you! Have you ever wanted more visibility for yourself or your business? How about for your product, book or service? Maybe you’ve seen a news show or read an article and thought YOU could have been the expert they … Continue reading

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Bust writer’s block: 3 ways to smash through resistance and get writing

I’m going to tell you a secret. Admit something a little embarrassing. I struggled with what to write for this post. I dithered around. Wrote down one story idea, then another. Skipped from here to there, and got totally frustrated … Continue reading

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3 mistakes that KILL good copy

Hey there! Want to zip up your copy and GRAB your reader’s attention? Then you have got to avoid these 3 mistakes that KILL good copy. You’ll also learn how to fix these mistakes–FAST. Let’s dig in right in. Mistake … Continue reading

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4 Tips to Fight Fatigue If You Use a Stand-Up Desk

Do you use a stand-up desk? If so, good for you! Stand-up desks are a great alternative to sitting all day. Using a stand-up desk can help you burn more calories, tone more muscles and give you more energy. I … Continue reading

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