4 More Tips to Write Like a Genius

Why bad writing can be good (and other writerly insights)

Want to write, but feeling stuck? Or are you procrastinating, putting off your writing for another day or time that never quite ever comes around?

Aha! Then these tips may help get you writing again. And writing–any kind of writing–is what it takes to unleash your inner writing genius. After all, merely thinking or worrying about writing just doesn’t cut it!

  1. Recognize that your writing will range from great to god-awful. (The latter in no way detracts from your absolute genius-ness.) Sort it out later. Even J. K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, says she has written scads of material that never will be and never should be published. If she can, why not you, too?
  2. Go for extreme cr*p. It’s crazy, but true: When you stop trying to write like a genius, you might just write like one! Allow yourself to write cr*p. In fact, if you’re feeling frozen or locked up when you sit down to write, then go for extreme cr*ppiness. That’s right: Intentionally write as poorly, as clichéd, as over-dramatically as you can. Have fun with this. It is liberating to break “rules,” to exaggerate and to be silly. Who knows? You might end up with a gem or two in the process. And writing ANYTHING is better than nothing. Really!
  3. Write without editing. Just write. Ignore typos, punctuation and proper grammar. Add unrelated thoughts in brackets or upper case if you like, but keep writing. Do not edit or critique. Save that for later.
  4. Set a timer. Once you set it, the only way to get free is to write like mad until the timer rings. If you’re like me, you’ll squirm and be easily distracted at first. Then your analytical left-brain will quiet as your creative right-brain flows freely. More often than not, when that timer rings, it’s an unwanted intrusion, not a relief. In that case, write on!

Bonus tip: NOW is the best time to start writing. Even a teensy weensy bit is good. So go for it!

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